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School of Geography

Queen Mary Geography Society

Academically world leading, socially unequalled, the School of Geography presents to you the Queen Mary Geography Society (QMGS).

Lead by students for students, QMGS intertwines passions for learning, development and exploration. We welcome a vast array of students from a diverse spectrum of backgrounds (from the Maldives to Malaysia to Brazil). This is something QMUL and the School of Geography values and prides itself on. We have found this cohesive connection contributes to academic and social development and everlasting global friendships.

QMGS works closely with the School of Geography to bring to you legendary virtual social events this semester and (hopefully) in person events next semester  such as laser-tag, karaoke, quizzes and sporting activities. There really is something for everyone! This year, we hope to host a ball, which will be dependant on the number of memberships.

In order not to miss out on these exciting opportunities, please become a member for only £6 per year: visit the membership page and find us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

QMGS Committee for 2020/21


Aatreyie Kapoor, BSc Geography with Business Management (3rd year)

Hi! I am the president of the Geography Society and I study Geography with Business Management. I am very interested in sustainability and marketing, and I hope to pursue one of those fields in the future. Outside of studies, I enjoy rowing and discussing how to be eco-friendlier in my day to day life.


Ben Chouhan, BA Geography (2nd year)
I am currently in my second year studying BA Geography and am working towards a career in Finance and Accounting. Outside of my academics I enjoy weightlifting and am a fitness brand ambassador. I also like to watch football and consider myself a dedicated Arsenal fan (aka Banter F.C).

Social Secretary

Justina Navaraite, BSc Geography with Business Management (3rd year)

You’ll most likely find me queueing in a shop with a box of croissants or cycling around London. I’m a big sustainability nerd and will talk to you for hours about reusing, reducing and recycling! I look forward to creating fun and inclusive events for all budding geographers.

Social Media Officer

Nicola Ramos, BA Geography (2nd year)

Hello! I’m Nicola Ramos, a second year Human Geography student. I’m from a Portuguese background but London has always been my home. Aside from studying Geography, I like to spend my time enjoying the outdoors, watching comedies and with animals, especially my two pets

Charity Officer

Alexandria Crowhurst, BA Geography (2nd year)

My name’s Alexandria and I’m the charity officer for the Queen Mary Geography Society. I’m from Essex, currently in my second year of study on a BA Geography course. Outside of university I enjoy traveling, photography and baking, as well as challenging myself to try new and exciting things.

We look forward to meeting you throughout your time at Queen Mary!