School of Geography

Queen Mary Geography Society

Academically world leading, socially unequalled, the School of Geography presents to you the Queen Mary Geography Society (QMGS).

Lead by students for students, QMGS intertwines passions for learning, development and exploration. We welcome a vast array of students from a diverse spectrum of backgrounds (from the Maldives to Malaysia to Brazil). This is something QMUL and the School of Geography values and prides itself on. We have found this cohesive connection contributes to academic and social development and everlasting global friendships.

QMGS works closely with the School of Geography to bring to you legendary social events, such as laser-tag, karaoke, quizzes and sporting activities. There really is something for everyone! This year, we have hosted former President of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed for our inaugual climate change lecture series. Read more about the event here

In order not to miss out on these exciting opportunities, please become a member for only £6 per year: visit the membership page and find us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

QMGS Committee for 2018-19

QMGS committee 2018-19, L-R: Oliver Walker, Joanna Watts, Danial Naqvi, Rebecca Dixon, Kendra Gattiker, Livia van Heerde, Catarina da Silva Neves
  • President & Equality and Diversity Officer: Danial Naqvi (Human Geography BA, Y3)
  • Vice-President: Rebecca Dixon (Human Geography BA, Y2) 
  • Treasurer: Kendra Gattiker (Geography BSc, Y3)
  • Charity Officer: Joanna Watts (Geography BA, Y2)
  • Social Secretary: Oliver Walker (Geography BA, Y3) 
  • Sustainability and Social Media Officer: Livia van Heerde (Environmental Science BSc, Y3)
  • Incoming 1st year rep: TBD in October 2018
  • Academic Liaison Officer: Professor Alastair Owens (Head of School)

 We look forward to meeting you throughout your time at QMUL!