School of Geography

Teaching and learning

Students participating in this programme will develop a sound understanding of the nature and significance of London and Paris as global cities, drawing from academic argument and debate, observational and participatory fieldwork and their own research and investigation.

A range of skills and capacities will be developed across the programme. The main learning outcomes are as follows:

  • students will understand the way that global processes shape London – with additional material and observations from their field trip to Paris
  • through the prism of London, students will gain a critical understanding of core scholarly debates about globalization and urban change, inequality and and social polarization, and urban culture, identity and difference
  • during a field trip to Paris, students will gain a critical understanding of core scholarly debates about colonisation, decolonisation and urban change
  • students will be able to decipher historical and political processes through the built environment of the city
  • students will develop understanding of core geographical concepts such as place, space and scale.

Students will learn about global London (and Paris during the field trip) in a variety of different ways including via lectures, seminars and workshops (using the facilities at Queen Mary University of London and the University of London Institute in Paris), field walks, visits to neighborhoods, museums, galleries and other institutions, and meeting with experts and community organizations. Reading, research, investigation and independent study will complement these activities. The course will have its own dedicated supporting website on QMplus (Queen Mary’s Virtual Learning Environment).

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