School of Geography

Course aims

The Global Cities Summer School aims to: 

  • provide critical understanding of London as a global city, introducing students to a range of interdisciplinary scholarship on urban life in general, with a more specific focus on London and Paris
  • develop understanding of theoretical perspectives on cities, particularly in relation to questions of social inequality; the political economy of urban change; imperialism, post-colonialism and the built environment; and culture, power and identity
  • enable investigation of a range of issues and themes central to understanding London and its global characteristics with the opportunity to compare these with examples in Paris. These include: the changing economic role of global cities; inequality and social polarization; neighbourhood change and gentrification; the interplay between metropolitan culture and colonial spaces; diversity, difference and urban cultures
  • offer opportunities to undertake urban fieldwork, observation and community engagement
  • provide deeper understanding of, and opportunities for critical engagement with, the cities within which students are studying.

Further study

QMUL and ULIP offer excellent masters programmes, such as the Cities and Cultures MA, London Studies MA, and Urban History and Culture MA. Students who complete the summer school programme will be eligible for the Queen Mary Alumni Loyalty Award (£1,000 reduction of your postgraduate degree tuition fees).*

*Please check with your home institution to confirm credit equivalents and transfer details.

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