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School of Geography

Global Cities: London and Paris

Dates: 16 July – 3 August 2018
Credits: 3 US (15 UK)
Level: US 2nd/3rd year (level 5 UK) 
Fees: £2,000
Contact hours: 45
1000-word written coursework essay (25%); Online exam (15%); 1500-word coursework exercise (25%); Group presentation (25%); Participation (10%)
Academic lead
: Dr Olivia Sheringham
For enquiries, contact:

Course overview

In the nineteenth century London and Paris became the first modern cities to have more than a million inhabitants. The density and diversity of their populations, the dynamism of their economies, and their extraordinary social, cultural and governmental institutions established them as key nodes in an increasingly interconnected world. Today we live in an age of cities, yet London and Paris retain their place as global leaders in international business and finance, arts and culture, scientific and academic research, tourism and education.

This intensive programme is part of the QMUL Summer School and provides students with a creative intellectual immersion in two global cities: London and Paris. Time is spent primarily in London, where the city is used as both a classroom and laboratory for investigating a range of continuities and changes, problems and potentials across the urban fabric. Students will be introduced to key concepts and intellectual debates on urban inequality and economic growth, globalization, post-colonialism, the politics of public space, and urban diversity and encounters. Students will also travel to Paris for a three-day field visit to give a comparative perspective on the programme’s themes and to learn from the expertise of staff at the University of London Institute in Paris.

The programme curriculum is rooted in the social sciences and will be relevant to those studying sociology, economics, history, geography, political science, community studies, global studies and urban studies. It will also appeal to those in the arts and humanities, communications and business, and anyone interested in the dynamics of urbanization.

The course has been developed by the world-leading research and teaching expertise of Queen Mary University of London and the University of London Institute in Paris. Taught by academic staff from both universities, it draws upon the unique local knowledge and insights of academic researchers working in collaboration with institutions, community groups and organizations across both cities.

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