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School of Geography

Tips and advice from second and third years

So we asked a few second and third year students on their top tips and advice for you and here’s what we got:

“Join societies – that way you’ll meet people you wouldn’t have necessarily met otherwise!”

“If there’s anything I regret most, it’s that I wish I had been more active in my first year.”

“Make sure you try and attend all lectures if possible as there may be vital information that may come up in the exams which you can only get by attending lectures.”

“Be on time and awake during lectures!”

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions during lectures because the person sitting next to you is probably just as confused as you are.”

“Ask for as much help as you need because even if your tutor is busy, they won’t hesitate to help you.”

“When given a load of reading, don’t think you have to read all of them. The best thing is to skim read or read the introduction and the conclusion to get the main points. If you believe it’s highly relevant then read all of it. Otherwise, just skim read!”

“Don’t panic over coursework! Always leave plenty of time to do each coursework and remember to structure your essay first. The best way to do that is make an essay plan first!”

“Remember that everyone is in the same boat as freshers, so don’t be afraid to ask questions!”

“Make the most of every opportunity available! There’s loads of social events and activities during freshers week, so make sure you attend them! That way you can also make good friends and great memories!”

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