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Faith at QMUL

Hi guys! I’ve just collected a few bits of information on faith at QMUL to help those of you who are wondering about what facilities are currently available in relation to religion and belief at QMUL. Rest assured that Queen Mary has this covered! As a diverse university, with over 25,000 students from more than 160 countries, Queen Mary facilitates for people from all kinds of faiths.

Prayer and Contemplation Rooms:

The Multi-Faith Centre (MFC) is located in the Students’ Union Hub at the Mile End campus (3rd floor). With two large rooms and adjacent washing facilities, this space is designed as a place of prayer, worship and reflection and is shared by students and staff of all faiths and beliefs. Rooms may be booked by individual faith societies at specific times (there is a timetable highlighting all available times). The Multi-Faith Centre is open Monday-Friday 9am-9pm during term-time and 9am-4pm during vacation periods.

On Fridays, Muslim students and staff can use the MFC and the Octagon (number 19a on the Mile End campus map) for their afternoon prayers. The best thing is that it doesn’t just stop here! Smaller contemplation rooms are also available on the ground floor of the Mile End Library. These rooms are not bookable by groups or individuals but are available throughout the opening hours of the library (including the 24/7 opening period). As for those of you studying at Barts, a payer room is also available in the Whitechapel Students’ Union (located on the second floor, number 3 on the Whitechapel campus map).

Chaplaincy Services:

St Benet’s is QMUL’s Christian Chaplaincy, a building on the Mile End campus (number 23 on the Mile End campus map) which is owned by the Church of England and is open during term-time from Monday to Friday from 9 to 5. Chaplains are accessible for students and staff of all faiths and none, supporting students in any way possible. The Chaplaincy has two core spaces including the Chapel which is open for reflection and prayer, and the lounge which is a space to relax and engage with other students. To read up on the regular services and activities at the Chapel, please visit St Benet’s website.

Other Local Spaces for Worship:

Faith Societies at QMUL:

Islamic Society (ISOC):
There is usually a BBQ happening in the first week of university, hosted by ISOC, to help integrate new students and meet with some of the older peers. The flagship events on the ISOC calendar happen during charity week. Learning calligraphy, selling doughnuts, football tournaments, mountain climbing, treks, international food festivals and various other activities take place in attempt to raise money for a good cause. There is also an Islamic awareness week and revive your Emaan week, so whichever way you want to be involved, it is possible. As well as that weekly football, Quran buddy scheme, weekly reminders and special guest events happen throughout the year. Moreover, there is also an annual dinner event, which celebrates all the great things you can achieve throughout the year.

Madinah Society:
This is a diverse society committed to spreading the teachings of classical Islam and promoting the love of Allah Almighty, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and all things relating to Him. Thus this Society is named after the City of the Prophet as a testament of this love.

Ahlulbayt Society:
The society aims to embody the message of the Holy Prophet and his household (Ahlulbayt), which include upholding unity in diversity, kindness and standing up for justice regardless of race or creed.

Hindu Society:
The Hindu society provides an outlet for Hindu Dharma, bridging the gap between home and university life and building a community within Queen Mary. By joining the society, you can learn more about what is available and get involved. The events include: Meet and Greet, Navratri, Diwali Dinner, The Maharaja Ball, Holi Event, Sports Competitions, “SEWA’ events and much more!

Christian Union:
QMCU is a Christian group open to everyone studying at Queen Mary with the aims of allowing all students to hear the message of Jesus Christ and offering a chance for Christian students to help and encourage one another. They gather once a week for prayer, worship and a message from the Bible at 6.30pm on Thursdays in the Chaplaincy, as well as running a Monday morning prayer meeting, prayer triplets and the popular ‘text a toastie’ event. They also do events on campus throughout the year such as lunchtime talks exploring big questions surrounding the Christian faith, and are regularly seen outside Drapers giving out free tea and coffee! They are affiliated to UCCF and welcome people from all backgrounds.

Sikh Society:
QMUL Sikh Society invites people from all faiths and backgrounds to learn about and raise awareness of Sikhism. They aim to hold informative sessions on Sikhism but also to hold fun and exciting socials to get to know each other!

You can find out more about societies on the QMSU societies page as well.

I hope this helps!

Hamida Khanom (Geography BA, class of 2019)

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