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School of Geography

Explore, discover and engage with Queen Mary

The School of Geography at Queen Mary is recognised as an international centre for excellence in teaching and research. With courses in Geography and Environmental Science, we offer students the opportunity to explore, discover and engage with the world around them.

Join us...

...and work alongside academics who are committed to making a difference in the world. From climate change, sustainability and environmental management to development, global health and questions of culture, identity and social justice, our research – and therefore your studies – reach out and touch upon some of society’s biggest and most pressing challenges.

Geography at Queen Mary...

...encompasses both the human and physical aspects of the discipline. Our programmes offer you not only the chance to develop a uniquely geographical way of seeing and understanding the world and the analytical skills so sought after by employers, but also the opportunity to specialise in key areas of the subject, including globalisation and development, culture and identity, global health, earth surface processes and environmental management. The diverse choice of modules and our research themes means that you can tailor an exciting, varied degree to fit your interests. Independent research and a substantial international fieldwork programme offer you the chance to put what you have learnt into practice too.

Environmental Science at Queen Mary...

...combines the expertise within the School of Geography and the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences. From ecology, biodiversity and conservation to river science, environmental engineering and remote sensing, you will undertake core skills training across subject areas at the heart of the discipline. After developing your research techniques both in the field and the laboratory, you’ll also work individually with staff to undertake your own research.

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