School of Geography

Dr Jonathan Wheatland


Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 2745
Room Number: Bancroft Building Room 2.11


3D visualisation of a sediment floc 
3D visualisation of a sediment floc

My research interest centre around sediment dynamics within rivers and estuaries, with particular emphasis on flocculation processes. Floc formation dramatically alters the hydrodynamic properties of cohesive sediments (e.g., silts and clays), and has significant implications for a number of environmental processes, including: i) the transport and settling behaviour of sediments, ii) the movement and fate of pollutants, nutrients and pathogens, and iii) the stability of the landforms sediments form once settled. During my doctorate I developed a novel 3D imaging strategy that enables the composition and multi-scale structure of flocculated sediments to be explored and accurately measured.

After graduating from Queen Mary, University of London with a BSc Honours degree in Physical Geography, I moved to the University of Sheffield for my MSc before returning to Queen Mary to undertake an EPSRC funded PhD in the School of Engineering & Materials Science.

In my current position as a post-doctoral research assistant I am working with Professor Kate Spencer on an NERC funded project that aims to answer fundamental questions regarding floc formation, structure and behaviour, with the aim of improving predictive capability of sediment transport models.