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School of Geography

Dr Thabani Mutambasere


Postdoctoral Researcher

Twitter: @thabani_sere


Thabani works with Dr Tim Brown and Professor Kavita Datta on the research project 'Building trans-disciplinary partnerships for exploring the impact of population displacement on nutrition interventions in rural Zimbabwe.'

Prior to joining the School of Geography, Thabani was based in the Department of International Development at the University of Sussex where he worked as a School Tutor. Thabani also completed his PhD in the same department at Sussex. His thesis titled 'Diaspora Citizenship and Transnational Domain: Political, Religious, Charitable and Familial Practices amongst Zimbabweans in the UK' explored ideas of citizenship, belonging, identity and transnationalism and how these contribute directly and indirectly to development in the country of origin. Alongside this work, Thabani has also worked on different research projects spanning displacement, social protection and diaspora humanitarianism.


Research Interests:

Thabani's research interests include diaspora, transnationalism, belonging, identity, citizenship, migration and development, migration and mobility, humanitarianism, civil society, African politics, international development.


Mutambasere T.G. (2021). Diaspora citizenship in practice: identity, belonging and transnational civic activism amongst Zimbabweans in the UKJournal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 

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