School of Geography

Vincent Guermond


PhD student

Room Number: Bancroft Building, Room 2.11


Research interests

Geographies of financialisation, International Political Economy, Migration-Development Nexus, Political Economy of Remittances, Everyday Life, Financial Inclusion, Money and Debt.

PhD research

Neoliberalising migrant finance? The financialisation of remittance recipients in Senegal and Ghana

My doctoral research focuses on the everyday lived experiences of financialisation processes in the Global South and their developmental outcomes amongst remittance recipients in Senegal and Ghana. Drawing upon historical materialist accounts of debt/credit and the rise of financial inclusion, I demonstrate that the current migration-development discourses and policies around remittances can be understood in the light of critical analyses of the global socio-economic phenomenon of financialisation. By developing an ethnographically-informed mixed-method approach inspired by some of the principles and practices of the extended case method (Burawoy, 2009), my research explores (1) how precisely the financialisation of everyday practices and subjectivities takes place in different places (other than the ‘Anglo-American’ societies); and (2) how people experience and respond to these financialisation processes.

Research aims

  • to explore the lived experiences of remittance recipients targeted by financialisation initiatives
  • to investigate how these are differently mediated by a nexus of actors and local/trans local and transnational structures
  • to examine how remittance recipients respond to, domesticate and/or resist these financialisation processes
  • to ‘theorise back’ Northern forms of financialisation.



  • 2014-2018: Queen Mary University of London Principal’s Research Studentship

Academic background

  • 2012–2013: MSc Development Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies


  • Neoliberalising migrant finance: The financialisation of remittance recipients. Conference paper at the Sussex Migration Graduate Conference ‘Labour migration, Remittances and Development’, Sussex Centre for Migration Research, University of Sussex, UK, March 2016.
  • Remittances, financial inclusion and financialisation. Conference paper at The Cultural Political Economy of Remittances workshop, Kathmandu, Nepal, April 2016.
  • Mobile banking with M-Pesa: The financialisation of remittances in Kenya. Conference paper at the UNIL Workshop: The Cultural Political Economy of Remittances, Lausanne, Switzerland, July 2016.
  • Researching the everyday lived experiences of financialisation amongst remittance recipients in Senegal and Ghana. Conference paper at RGS-IBG session on Ethnographic methods in economic geography: Applications and potentials, August 2016.

If you are interested in my research, I would love to hear from you.