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School of Geography

Dr James Bradley


Reader in Environmental Science

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 8417
Room Number: Geography building, Room 113
Twitter: @DrBradBrad


My research focusses on understanding the interactions between microorganisms and their geochemical and physical environment, over timescales from days to millions of years. I study some of the most remote and extreme environments on Earth, ranging from the Arctic and Antarctica to the deep ocean. My approach combines modelling and theory development with measurements and experimentation in the field and laboratory.

I joined QMUL from the University of Southern California, where I was a Postdoctoral Fellow of the Centre for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations and the Deep Carbon Observatory. I previously undertook undergraduate and PhD degrees at the University of Bristol. I also hold a Humboldt Fellowship at the GFZ Postdam.

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Twitter: @DrBradBrad


GEG4209: Earth Surface Science
​GEG4007: Ideas and Practice in Geography and Environmental Science

GEG5224: Ecosystem Science
GEG5215: Environmental Research Methods
GEG5214: Research Design

GEG6000/6212: Independent Geographical Study/Project in Environmental Science


Research Interests:

Geobiology; Biogeochemistry; Carbon cycle; Climate change; Glaciology; Deep subsurface.

My research aims to shed new light on the biological and biogeochemical processes underlying the cycling of nutrients and energy that shape the Earth, including past, present, and future life and climate. My research encompasses marine, cryospheric, and terrestrial settings, including: glacial geomicrobiology, permafrost and soil biogeochemistry, bio-energetics, the deep subsurface, and the global carbon cycle. The diverse settings I study are linked by overarching themes of life in extreme environments, global biogeochemical cycles, climate, and anthropogenic change.


For an updated list of publications, see:

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