School of Geography

Global health and security

Research conducted by theme members provides a critical analysis of the emerging fields of global health and security, exploring some of the key knowledges and forms of advocacy that make up these fields, examining how dominant discourses on global health and security are opposed and resisted (Simon Reid-Henry), tracing the genealogies of securitised global health interventions (Stephen Taylor), and considering the interaction between food security and global health security (Tim Brown).

New research projects explore: the humanitarian interventions made by organisations such as MSF and the Red Cross (Simon Reid-Henry, in collaboration with Peace Research Institute Oslo and Norsk Utenrikspolitisk Institutt); the genealogy of disease eradication as a global health strategy (Stephen Taylor, British Academy/Leverhulme Trust Small Grant and Rockefeller Archive Center Grant-in-Aid); the politics of non-communicable diseases in the Global South (Tim Brown, ESRC Seminar Series Award involving seven universities including QMUL, Sussex, Sheffield and Sydney); institutional capacity building and science policy regimes in the Global South (Kerry Holden, ESRC Future Leaders Grant); the idea of “global health justice” in the abstract and the making of local notions of “justness” in relation to global IPR norms (Simon Reid-Henry); the securitisation of polio eradication efforts in Pakistan and Nigeria (Stephen Taylor, with collaborators at the World Health Organisation); and the development of digital infrastructures and metrics of global health (Kerry Holden).