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School of Geography

Urban culture and public life

Our research has explored how cities are spaces of possibility, creativity and identity formation. This has included investigations of urban public space, collective culture and the imagination of cities (Regan Koch); the city as a site of diasporic identity (Alison Blunt) of urban redesign and the illuminated city (Casper Laing Ebbensgaard) and of placemaking and the cultural, material and infrastructural bases of different forms of living together (Olivia Sheringham, Regan Koch). At a transnational scale this work also considers cities and post-disaster settings as sites of humanitarian vs collective engagement (Simon Reid-Henry, Edyta Materka), the role of space and territoriality in grassroots social movements (Sam Halvorsen) and histories of democracy and inequality (Simon Reid-Henry). It also includes work on cities, communities and philanthropy (Alison Blunt, Tim Brown and Alastair Owens).