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School of Geography

Global geographies of knowledge and practice

Our research exploring the geographies of global connections and working at a global or planetary scale is demonstrating the significance of global or globalising practices, and planetary ways of knowing, for imperial political and economic orders (Miles Ogborn); and historical geographies of development (Simon Reid-Henry); the production, organisation and translation of medical knowledge past and present (Kerry Holden, Simon Reid-Henry); and for knowledges, narratives and aesthetics of environmental, climatic change, and the Anthropocene (Kathryn Yusoff). Current research charts the relationship between speech, writing and printing in the forging of new geographies of knowledge and communication between Britain and the islands of the Caribbean (Miles Ogborn), the geographical assumptions of claims to global justice (Simon Reid-Henry) and re-evaluations of geologic subjectivity in the Anthropocene (Kathryn Yusoff).