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PhD and Postdoctoral Research Opportunities

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QMLAN supports PhD and Postdoctoral researchers wishing to join QMUL. Various funding schemes are available, including for non-British nationals, which can be discussed with your potential supervisor/mentor. Please see below for details of academic staff and their research interests and contact them directly if interested in applying for a PhD or Postdoctoral/Early Career Fellowship with them at QMUL.


The politics, international relations and political history of the Americas. 


Latin American geographies and geographical knowledges; social movements and political parties in Latin America (especially in relation to geography and/or cities); Argentine politics and development; grassroots/contested urban politics; democracy and democratisation; local governments and governance (particularly cities), political decentralisation, neighbourhood and community politics, participatory democracy, engaged and participatory methodologies.

In Argentina, Brazil and Colombia:  Mental Health and the arts 

In Brazil:  Cultural Value of arts organizations in vulnerable urban territories (favelas and other peripheries); Indigenous cultural exchanges (with specific reference to the Xingu);  The use of the arts in building resistance to Mental Health disorders and substance-use in urban territories subject to multiple stress factors; Homelessness and the arts (specific focus on community singing); Shakespeare in Brazil; The art of cultural exchange


Territoriality, state formation, political economy, urbanization, populism, US-Latin America in comparative perspectives.

Latin American and Caribbean politics; local and transnational social movements; the politics of ‘development’; the aesthetics of political protest; activist cultures; visual and arts-based methodologies; artistic movements; democratic transitions; the politics of memory; indigenous and migrant cultures; translocal politics; twinning/sister cities.

  • Dr Javier Sajuria, School of Politics and International Relations,  Chilean politics: with an emphasis on political parties, politicians, and voters; political polarisation and voting behaviour.


Gender and Sexuality in Latin American Cinema; Brazilian Cinema and World Cities (Rio and São Paulo); Lusophone African Cinema; Brazilian Cinema; Brazilian Literary Production Abroad; Translation Studies in Brazil and Latin America


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