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School of Geography

Taster talks

The School of Geography is proud to offer an exciting range of free outreach activities for secondary schools and colleges. Please find below details and registration links for our online Geography taster talks series Spring/Summer 2022.  

All sessions are online via Teams. They include a 45-minute talk from an academic, followed by 30 minutes of QnA with the academic and a student ambassador studying Geography at QMUL. The talks provide an insight into the exciting, research-led teaching on offer in the School of Geography. 


1. Monday 25 April, 4pm-5.15pm.   

Dr Anna Bourne 

Title: “Not all tectonic events are born equal – what turns risk into disaster?” 

Description: In this lecture we will explore the different types of tectonic events, focussing in greatest depth on volcanic eruptions but also considering earthquakes and tsunamis. We will consider where these events occur and why, examine what turns a tectonic event into a hazard or disaster and look at statistics related to each type of event. We will then look at the main hazards associated with each event and how these can be mitigated against, with some case studies introduced.

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2. Monday 30 May 2022, 4pm-5.15pm. 

Professor Simon Reid-Henry 

Title: “Who Pays in a Pandemic? Understanding the geopolitics and geoeconomics of multilateral cooperation" 

Description: The Covid-19 pandemic arrived suddenly, and upon a world whose multilateral arrangements were already under considerable strain. But what has been the true impact of the virus on the global geopolitical and geoeconomic situation? And what new forms of cooperation are emerging amidst the confusion? Prof. Simon Reid-Henry has been closely involved in a number of high-level multilateral discussions seeking new ways to finance the global common goods and shared needs that all nations have in the 21st century. In this talk he will report back on where the pandemic may be taking the international community.

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3. Monday 20 June 2022, 4pm-5.15pm.   

Professor Geraldene Wharton 

Title: “Understanding the water and carbon cycles: Earth’s Life Support Systems”.  

Description: Taking a systems approach, Geraldene will explore the key features of the water and carbon cycles over a range of spatial and temporal scales and use the example of a tropical rainforest system to consider their integrated functioning. Finally, Nature-based Climate Solutions, will be examined as part of the suite of mitigation strategies to achieve the goal of Net Zero Carbon Emissions. 

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