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School of Geography

Blooms taxonomy


‘As students start their A-level courses, the traits which teachers prize the most are those linked to independent learning. At the heart of this form of learning is the ability of students to question their own learning, their level of understanding, and how they might go forward in that learning. However, such a critical capacity can only develop if students can ask the pertinent questions at the correct times. Questioning is not a skill which we just inherit, we need to develop it through trial and error. One way of achieving this is to have questioning modelled for us by others who are excellent in their use – our teachers. However, we also need the space to develop our own skills. The geography classroom is an ideal environment for developing the use of this skill, and it is therefore crucial that teachers not only learn how to pose their own questions to greatest effect, but also guide and support students in developing their own enquiries about the world around them.’  Read more of this think piece from the GA.

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