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What can Love Island tell us about the history of love?

Our Associate Professor Dr David Geiringer explains all in his article in the Metro 

16 July 2019

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Metro republished Dr David Geiringer’s article for The Conversation about what the popular reality show Love Island can tell us about the history of love. He writes: “Looking beyond the responses of the chattering classes, the Islanders themselves reveal much about the historicity of love — the idea that feelings are not fixed parts of our biology, but contingent on the changing historical moments they are experienced within. Take, for example, the phrase ‘100 per cent my type on paper’. It’s easy to dismiss it as a throwaway idiom — but this phrase does important intellectual work. The straightforward way to interpret ‘my type on paper’ is about a dissonance between physical appearance and what is generally termed ‘personality’. The phrase is generally used when the person saying the phrase and the subject of the phrase don’t know each other very well.”

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