School of Geography

Student Voice: My Freshers Experience

By Katie Mulherin, 2nd Year Environmental Science student

12 September 2019

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Whilst joining university can be a daunting experience, Welcome Week can carry a variety of opportunities for you to get to know the campus, staff and students. This makes week 1 a little less scary as you will have some familiar faces when heading into your first lectures. For me, taking part in the activities and schedules on offer was a key part of me getting settled in as an undergraduate Environmental Scientist at Queen Mary!

During my welcome week, the School of Geography had all the Environmental Science students meet and introduce ourselves to each other. This was a great starting point as it meant we got to see the faces of the people on our course, and consequentially, the people we were going to see the most over the course of our time at Queen Mary.

The Geography Society also held a welcome event, which allowed me me to get to know people on other geography courses, as well as some students from the years above us and members of staff who I would see frequently throughout the year. We were sent to do a small “treasure hunt”, which meant we had to work together and chat, leading to some of my very first friendships at university.

A big part of Welcome Week is the Fresher’s Fair. Fresher's Fairs give you the chance to visit stalls around campus, all of which may help you with various aspects of university life. Whilst the majority of these are soceity stalls (a great way to meet people with similar interests), there are a variety of stalls for careers, advice and counselling and more. I found these stalls especially helpful as they gave me important information about places to go or people to see if I was to struggle during your time at university. My favourite part about the Fresher’s FGair was most definitely the freebies… so even if you aren’t interested in anything at the stalls, it's definitely worth having a look around to see if you can pick up anything nice!