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School of Geography

Volcanoes, Climate Change and Society


A new module called Volcanoes, Climate Change and Society, developed by Dr Anna Bourne in the School of Geography, will be running from the second semester of the 2018-19 academic year. The module will aim to investigate the interrelationship between volcanic activity, the planet’s climate and environment and societies both past and present.

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica © Anna Bourne
Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica © Anna Bourne

Students taking this new module will consider events on a number of scales from local hazard mitigation of smaller eruptions that occur regularly to large explosive eruptions that can effect global climate, and they will work in small groups to research case studies of specific eruptions and their effect on the environment and/or society and present their findings to the class. They will be exposed to current research in these areas and will undertake practical computer based tasks to put the research into practice.

This module is an addition to a number of new physical geography and environmental science modules that were recently introduced in the School of Geography, including Ecosystem Science, Environmental Pollution, Future Coasts, Geospatial Science, and Ice Age Britain. 

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