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School of Geography

Congratulations to Professor Alison Blunt


Congratulations to Professor Alison Blunt who was the successful candidate in the recent elections held for one member of academic staff – cross-faculty to Council.

Professor Alison Blunt
Professor Alison Blunt

The Council is Queen Mary’s governing body and therefore critical in overseeing the strategic mission of the university and holding its senior executive to account.

“As one of Council’s academic staff representatives, Alison will serve a term of four years. Council will benefit immensely from Alison’s wide-ranging experience and expertise and it will be great for the School to have Alison’s presence right at the heart of the university’s governance,” said Professor Alastair Owens, Head of School of Geography.

Alison has worked at Queen Mary since 1999 and became Professor in 2006. She served as Head of School of Geography from 2014 to 2017, and was a member of Senate. Her research focuses on geographies of home, empire, migration and diaspora, which also forms the basis of her teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

More information: 

  • Find out more about Alison and her research on her webpages.
  • Further details of the election, including the full table of results, can be found at:



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