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Queen Mary Geography Society hosts former President of the Maldives

21 February 2017

“There is no plan B for climate change, because there is no planet B”
President Mohamed Nasheed on the current situation regarding climate change

QMGS Climate Change talk guest lecturers and hosts (L-R): Jason Lynch (QMGS President), President Mohamed Nasheed, Dr Simon Carr, Will Flynn (QMGS Vice-President)

Arguably, the most important factors in modern human history revolve around climate change. President Mohamed Nasheed, formerly of the Maldives, and Dr Simon Carr, Senior Lecturer in Geography, superbly delivered the need for a low carbon development strategy and the latest research findings to over 150 QMUL guests earlier this month.

The much-anticipated academic talk was the first of the year, delivered by Queen Mary Geography Society (QMGS) and addressed crucial political and scientific issues that we face today.

Dr Carr laid the foundation for an exceptionally eye-opening afternoon by sharing and explaining current climate model data, suggesting that a 2°C global temperature rise is all but certain.

President Nasheed followed this up using the Maldives as a case example, referring to strategies such as sustainable energy solutions. Whilst he recognised his own country might become a “modern day Atlantis”, Nasheed suggested the resilient Maldivians are capable of adapting and he hopes that the Maldives can lead the way, alongside Sri Lanka and Bhutan, in becoming carbon neutral. The hope is that he can help inspire changes in the wider global community, which may subsequently save the Maldives, and the planet.

“Thank you @QMULGeogSoc for a lovely afternoon. Enjoyed speaking to you all & discussing sustainable solutions for our global challenges,” tweeted President Nasheed.

The student society was delighted to host such a high profile VIP speaker and are hoping that this is the first of many exciting academic talks that they will be hosting in the near future.

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