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International geographers head to Queen Mary School of Geography


March sees a series of special events and lectures at the School of Geography as visiting lecturers from America and Canada fly in to share their research and expertise with students and staff.

Professor of International Studies at the Department of Geography, University of North Carolina, John Pickles is one lecturer visiting the School this month. A leading figure in economic geography, development studies, social and political thought, and counter-cartography, Professor Pickles is also a Distinguished Visiting Fellow for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences here at Queen Mary University of London. He gave a seminar entitled: ‘”Good neighbours make good fences”: border externalization and development in the Euro-Med’ 11 March and will also be presenting some of his work at a research frameworks event in human geography at 4pm on 20 March.

Karl and Albrecht Haushofer are the subject of a guest lecture by Professor Trevor Barnes.

His visit will overlap in part with that of Professor Trevor Barnes from the University of British Columbia – another leading economic geographer and Distinguished School Visitor for Geography in 2014. A public lecture exploring the geopolitics of World War II will run on the evening of 11 March entitled ‘No comedy, only tragedy: Karl and Albrecht Haushofer and the spaces of Nazi geopolitics.’

Teaming up, the two geographers will front a panel and discussion session on economic geography futures between 1-3pm on 13 March. Of particular interest to postgraduate students and research staff, the event will aim to reflect contemporary research directions and cross-disciplinary developments, publishing practices, careers in, and sustainability of, economic geography.

Meanwhile, Dr Merje Kuus from the Department of Geography, University of British Columbia, visited on 12 February. A leading figure in geopolitics, transnational communities and international diplomacy, the School hosted an event on human geography for students and staff to explore some of her research. Her most recent book (Geopolitics and Expertise) will be published as part of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)’s Book Series this year.

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