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School of Geography

Grant funding from the QM Centre for Public Engagement


Two projects from the School of Geography have won grant funding from the QM Centre for Public Engagement:

£9925 for Tracking and Controlling London's Alien Plant Invaders (Angela Gurnell and Lucy Shuker) which will provide a simple, attractive web tool  to support London's citizens in identifying and reporting alien plant species' abundance and locations along London’s watercourses and to interactively map these data.

 £9820 for Mapping philanthrocapitalism and corporate community engagement in East London (Cathy McIlwaine, Alistair Owens, Alison Blunt and Jane Wills) which will identify the main ways that corporations and individuals engage with the communities of East London through various types of corporate social responsibility initiatives, and will produce an online, searchable map and database on corporate philanthropic activities in East London.