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School of Geography

Clearing 2012


A small number of places may still be available through Clearing on our single and joint honours degrees in Geography and in Environmental Science. For enquiries please contact the college Clearing Hotline numbers:

020 7882 5511

0800 376 1800

0800 096 6263

Clearing will be open from 8am to 7pm on Thursday 16th August and Friday 17th August, and from 10am to 2pm on Saturday 18th August.

Clearing Instructions

Please ensure before contacting us that you meet the minimum clearing entry requirements (which will be announced on Wednesday 15th August). It is also important that you understand what the programme you want to select involves – for further information on our programmes please access this link:



What information we will need from you
We will only deal with Clearing Applications by telephone and directly from the applicant (i.e. not family members or friends). Our Admissions team will ask you for the following information, which you should have at hand:

  • Are you in Clearing? We can only consider your application if you are not holding any offers elsewhere or are applying for adjustment and have exceeded your conditional firm place
  • Your UCAS number
  • Your Name and Surname
  • Your qualifications
  • Your UCAS history (e.g. if you have applied to the School before)
  • Fee status
  • Contact telephone number(s) and an email address
  • Any special needs or disabilities

Based on this information our Admissions team will assess whether or not we can offer you a place. You will be given a reference number which you will be asked to refer to in later communications with the School.


Confirming your place

If we have made you a provisional offer in clearing, you will need to enter the details of this offer on UCAS track in order to be formally considered for a place. You can do this by logging into Track (after 6pm on Thursday 16th August 2012) and selecting the option to ‘Add Clearing choice’. You should then enter the details of the programme we have offered you. The deadline to complete this action will be 12pm on Friday 17th August and failure to meet this deadline may mean that you will not be offered a place.

Once you have entered the details of your provisional offer, we will verify the information you have provided and complete some checks on your application. If we are satisfied with your applications, we will confirm to UCAS that we would like to make you a formal offer, and your UCAS track will be updated accordingly. You will then receive a letter from UCAS confirming your place.