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School of Geography

Grant news: 'Living with the past at home: domestic prehabitation and inheritance'


Catherine Nash, Caron Lipman, Alastair Owens and Alison Blunt have been awarded an AHRC research grant of £291,336 for a project entitled Living with the past at home: domestic prehabitation and inheritance.

Catherine writes that "The project will focus on the meanings, knowledges, practices and material dimensions of living with the past at home. It considers the significance of people's awareness of previous inhabitants, or that deemed to be inherited from them, in framing domestic belonging, ownership, and aesthetic expression in the home, and the forms of historical knowledge and historical practice that are prompted, informed by and result from this awareness. It will involve collaboration with the Geffrye Museum and it outputs will include an exhibition in the Museum. "

This further develops our link with the Geffrye Museum and also links with the newly established Centre for Studies of Home.



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