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School of Geography

Department Research Seminars, Semester B


12.15, Geography Room 220

 Date Speaker Chair
 12 January

Jo Casebourne (Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion)
The impact of research evidence on a decade of Labour welfare reform policy: the case of lone parents

 Al James
 19 January Phil Porter (University of Hertfordshire)
Paraglacial sediment delivery to a High-Arctic glacier basin: Austre Brøggerbreen, Svalbard
 Sven Lukas
 26 January

Kiera Vaclavik (Department of French, QMUL)
Multilocational readerships and representations of place in children's literature

 Alison Blunt
 2 February

Professor David Paterson (University of St Andrews)
Microscale structures and properties of muddy sediments

 Kate Heppell
 9 February Sarah Wakefield (University of Toronto)
 Tim Brown
 16 February

Dr Jane Pollard (CURDS, Newcastle University)
Prophet and profits: the growth, governance and claims to alterity of Islamic finance in the US and UK

 Kavita Datta
 2 March Steve Brooks (Department of Entomology, The Natural History Museum)
The midge palaeothermometer
 Dave Horne 

 9 March

Ben Rogaly (University of Sussex) and Becky Taylor (Birkbeck, University of London)
Moving representations of the 'indigenous white working class

 Kate Hardy
 16 March Ellen Wohl (Colorado State University) 
 Angela Gurnell
 23 March

Claire Herrick (King’s College, London)
Running, mass participation and urban events: rhetoric versus reality in Newcastle and Addis Ababa

 Steve Cummins


Research Frameworks
5.00pm Common Room


 11 February


 Dr Sarah Wakefield (University of Toronto)
Title to be confirmed


 Tim Brown
18 February

Professor Danny Miller (Anthropology, UCL)

Olivia Sheringham

18 March

Dr Jonathan Walker (University of Sydney)
this will be on a photography project based in Venice, see:

 Miles Ogborn



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