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School of Geography

School Research Seminar: ‘Vegetation Dynamics from Space’

11 November 2014

Time: 12:15 - 1:15pm
Venue: FB 2.07 City Centre seminar room

Speaker: Dr Emily Lines (QMUL)

Earth observation (EO) data provide information about terrestrial ecosystems on longer temporal and higher spatial scales than is available from ground based measurements.  Using these data to drive terrestrial ecosystem models is therefore an attractive prospect, but linking EO data to vegetation properties of interest (i.e. leaf area and biochemistry) in a consistent way is not straightforward. Radiative transfer models provide a physical-based approach to this problem, but although the models are computationally expensive and the problem of fitting them is ill-posed, they are also typically simplistic in their description of the canopy. In this talk I will present work from the European Space Agency Data Assimilation project which addresses each of these issues.

Chair: Professor David Horne

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