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School of Geography

School Research Seminar: The Habitability of Mars and ExoMars Landing Site Selection

25 November 2014

Time: 12:15 - 1:15pm
Venue: FB 2.07 City Centre seminar room

Speaker: Dr Peter Grindrod (Birkbeck, University of London)

There is compelling evidence that the atmosphere and climate of Mars have affected the global distribution and chemistry of water, ultimately controlling the habitability of the planet. Martian stratigraphy provides a rich record of the palaeoclimate and palaeohydrology of the planet, revealing secular changes in the surface environment over a range of timescales. The current paradigm presents a Mars that has become less habitable with time. This talk will discuss the evolution of water and habitability on Mars in light of recent results and the importance of landing site selection for the ESA ExoMars 2018 rover. The ExoMars programme, with a lander/rover due to be launched in 2018, was established by the European Space Agency to investigate the Martian environment and pave the way for a future Mars sample return mission in the 2020s. Find out more at:

Chair: Professor Dave Horne

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