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School of Geography

School Research Seminar: South East Asian palaeo-environmental reconstruction using cave sediments

28 January 2014

Time: 12:15am - 1:15pm
Venue: FB2.07 City Centre seminar room

Dr Natalie Ludgate, Laboratory Instrument Technician, School of Geography, Queen Mary

Chair: James Brasington

Clastic cave sediments are an understudied resource, results from this project demonstrate that recovered sediments from Hang Trong, Vietnam provide a palaeo-environmental archive. Sediment, including land snail shells, bone, flint, charcoal, sand and clay particles was removed from the floor of Hang Trong in a stratigraphic sequence spanning from ~ 12,000 to ~ 25,000 years ago. Organic geochemical analysis indicates that the vegetation was relatively stable within the area close to the cave despite oxygen isotope evidence indicating change in the monsoonal rain patterns. On a global scale results from Hang Trong provide further evidence to support the atmospheric link between the temperature of Northern Atlantic Ocean and the climate within Eastern Asia.

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