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School of Geography

Lecture for Schools: Water Resources

27 November 2019

Time: 4:45 - 5:45pm

Places still available for our lecture on Water Resources. Book direct with

This detailed look at water resource management focuses on a London case study. It will be perfect material to fit the needs of sixth form content on Water Cycles in the A Level specs including:

  • Edexcel: There are physical causes and human causes of water insecurity, There are consequences and risks associated with water insecurity, There are different approaches to managing water supply, some more sustainable than others.
  • OCR: Management strategies to protect the water cycle including improving forestry techniques, water allocations for domestic, industrial and agricultural use and drainage basin planning including run-off, surface stores and groundwater.
  • AQA: Changes in the water cycle over time to include natural variation including storm events, seasonal changes and human impact including farming practices, land use change and water abstraction.


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