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School of Geography

Geography Lunchtime Research Seminars: Hae-young Yoon, Visiting Researcher

13 November 2019

Time: 1:00 - 2:00pm
Speaker: Hae-young Yoon, Visiting Researcher
Venue: City Centre Seminar Room (Bancroft 2.07)

Hae-young Yoon, Visiting Researcher, School of Geography, QMUL

Place, Identity and Reconciliation 
The history and experiences of Irish in Britain and Zainichi Korean (Korean residents in Japan) have much in common despite there have been relatively less academic interest. Both deeply rooted in colonial situations, having complex identities, but at the same time ‘invisible’ to the majority of people, questions the definition of national identity. Regarding the difference between them, this research seeks to examine how their identities have been related to ‘places’(or territoriesborders) and introduce some of the controversial cases which showed the difficulties of reconciliation in several political situations, and consider the frameworks and perspectives for comparative studies drawn from examining these topics.

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