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Global Health BSc at Barts and The London

The Barts and The London has set up this new and innovative BSc in global health because we have seen the need to train graduates across disciplines rather than within disciplines. It is the UK’s only undergraduate degree in global health based in a medical school. Uniquely, it offers a public health perspective on developments in today’s globalised world.
The programme is structured around the underlying principles and themes in global health, public health, and public policy, drawing on examples from around the world and the local London community. You will graduate with a wide range of skills, including those needed to critique government papers and academic arguments, interpret and create statistical analyses, engage in public debate, and develop policy.
You will benefit from this degree if you want to learn skills enabling you to address health and other global challenges, or if you simply want a bigger picture view of developments in a globalised world so as to act more effectively within it. The degree is also suitable for ambitious home and overseas students who may be thinking of applying to study medicine as a postgraduate student.
This is part of other exciting developments at Barts and The London. We have responded to medical student demand and built  up global health throughout the medical curriculum, whilst at the same time introducing successful postgraduate global health courses, attracting students from around the world.

Why study Global Health at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry – Queen Mary University of London?

  • From the local to the global – based in Whitechapel in London’s East End, we have close links to NHS organisations, local authorities, and the voluntary sector in one of London’s most diverse and complex areas. We also have collaborations with other universities and organisations from around the world to aid research and teaching. We encourage students to get involved in both our local and international work.
  • The programme approaches global health from a public health perspective. It is led by public health consultants and general practitioners.
  • This is a truly multidisciplinary programme, and exposes you to a range of disciplines, giving you a genuinely broad education. Alongside modules in science you will be able to study subjects including economics, law, sociology and anthropology, allowing for a broad education with a wide perspective. In practice this means, for instance, when approaching maternal and child health, you will have studied the necessary physiology and pathology, as well as relevant economic, political, and socio-cultural factors.
  • With this multidisciplinary approach, including political and legal analysis, you are encouraged to gain the critical insight and informed scepticism necessary for management, persuasion, and advocacy.
  • Much of the teaching is via seminars, so you will develop your debating skills and will learn in groups. Some lectures may be delivered online, enabling you to work flexibly around any other commitments.

For more information and to apply 

Visit the course details page for BSc Global Health on Queen Mary University of London's central website.

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