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Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Frequently asked questions (MBBS and BDS)

Read our FAQs on our Intercalated degrees.

How many applications do you receive for medicine and dentistry and how many offers do you make?

For the five-year medical programme in 2021, we received 2774 applications. Each year, we make about 600 offers (universities make more offers than they have places to account for those who either do not accept or do not meet the requirements), this is approximately 4 applicants to every offer of a place. For the four year graduate programme, this is approximately 21 applicants to every offer of a place. For the five-year dental programme in 2020, we received 809 applications.  Each year, we make about 190 offers (universities make more offers than they have places to account for those who either do not accept or do not meet the requirements) this is approximately 4 applicants to every offer of a place.

Do you have the Admissions data of the 2022 admissions cycle for A100, A101, A200?

All of the statistics from our latest cycle can be found on our Admissions Statistics page.

If I have grades higher than the entry requirements, will this give me an advantage?

Yes we rank all applicants 50% on UCAT and 50% on academic merit. For school leavers we use UCAS tariff or an equivalence rating for those countries where UCAS tariff is not available or our own point based system for graduates looking at degree classification. There is competition for places and applicants with strong academic backgrounds are at an advantage.

I have applied to Barts and The London previously but was unsuccessful. Can I apply again?

Yes, provided you meet our entry requirements, you may apply to us again without prejudice.

Do all my AS Level results need to be at least grade B or above?

No. We take in to consideration your A Level predicted grades so do not require any grade.

I did not certificate my AS Level examinations and so grades are not listed on my UCAS form. Will this disadvantage my application?

No. We consider the A/AS Level predicted grades given by your referee.

Can I re-sit modules within the A/AS Levels without disadvantage?

Yes. We are looking for applicants who can study and pass subjects to a high level over a specific time frame. This will indicate that you are able to deal with the academic workload of our medical/dental programmes.  Therefore, we will expect you to achieve the required A/AS Level results over the normal two year period (for example, year 12 and 13). Within this period, you can re-sit modules within qualifications without prejudice to your application. However, at the end of the period you are required to have completed the appropriate full examinations and achieve our minimum entry requirements.

Can I re-sit the entire AS/A Level year?

The School of Medicine and Dentistry does not consider re-sit applicants who achieve the required grades over the normal two year period unless they fall within our extenuating circumstances policy.

If I do not meet the minimum academic entry requirements but offer or exceed the correct tariff points, can I apply?

No, we expect applicants to be predicted/achieved at least AAAb (pre-2017 results) or A*AA (2017 results) in the correct subjects, therefore you cannot offer tariff points that add up to AAAb or A*AA (year dependent).  We will only consider the grades AAAb or A*AA (year dependent), or higher.

What is the deadline for application through UCAS?

The deadline for medicine and dentistry is the 15th October.

Which email address should I put on my UCAS application?

We strongly advise you when applying, to use your personal email address in your contact details (not a school/college one, as this may become redundant as you go through the process). If you need to make changes to your UCAS application AFTER you have submitted it, including changing your email address, phone number etc. you can do so via the UCAS Hub.

What is your internal deadline for receiving a response to queries before I submit my UCAS application form?

Applicants are advised to visit our website before submitting an application. If you require clarification on any of our policies, entry requirements or other selection criteria. Please ensure you do so in writing to  at least three weeks before the UCAS deadline of the 15th October. Any enquiry received after this period is unlikely to receive a response before the UCAS deadline.

What if my predicted grade changes after the UCAS deadline?

We are unable to consider any changes to your predicted grades after the 15th October UCAS deadline unless there has been a mistake on the UCAS form submitted by your referee in which case evidence will be asked for.

What if I change my AS/A2 subject(s) after submitting my application through UCAS?

We will allow a change of subject(s) (assuming you still meet our minimum entry criteria in the required subjects with the necessary grades). However, we are unable to alter the tariff points assessed on the UCAS form submitted by the 15th October.

If I apply by the 15th October deadline when can I expect to hear from you?

We receive a large number of applications for medicine and dentistry. Our ranking process using UCAT and Academic merit is complex and therefore you are unlikely to hear before mid-December. We invite applicants to interview in January and February.

I am doing A Levels, but I don't have GCSEs because I did my secondary schooling abroad – can I still apply?

Yes, but you need to offer English Language from one of the following examinations:

  1. IELTS with a score of 7.0 overall (IELTS must have been taken within 2 years).
  2. Any qualification listed on the following website that has been assessed to be equivalent to an IELTS 7.0:

I do not meet the minimum GCSE grade requirements.  What should I do?

You can re-sit the GCSE subjects during your AS or A Level year.

I do not wish to finish my degree and would like to apply for medicine or dentistry

The School of Medicine and Dentistry does not accept applicants who have not completed their degree courses, nor do we accept transfers from a related degree onto our medical/dental courses. 

Can I apply as a graduate if I do not have a 2:1 classification in my degree?

Unfortunately you are not eligible to apply to ANY of our courses.  We do not accept applicants with 2:2s in their first undergraduate degree for any of our courses, and you cannot offer any qualifications in lieu of this (e.g. MSc or PhD).

I will not be 18 by the start of the course, can I still apply?

Candidates MUST be 18 or over by the start of the course, if not, you are unable to apply for that year's entry but you can apply for deferred entry if you will meet the age requirement the following year. Even if you are a few days or weeks under the age requirement by the start of the course, you will be automatically rejected if you do not intend to defer entry. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure they will be 18 or over at the start of the course.

I'm taking a gap year and wish to defer entry, how will this affect my application?

We are happy to consider students who are deferring entry for the 5-year Medical and Dental programmes.  Please ensure you tick the correct box on the UCAS form to let us know you are applying for deferred entry. However if you decide late in the cycle to defer entry it may not be possible to offer you a place the following year.

I have not taken the UCAT test, can I still be considered for entry?

No, all eligible applicants must take the UCAT test in the year of application or be officially exempted, see:

I want to be exempted from taking the UCAT. How do I do this?

Appropriate reasons to request a UCAT Exemption are listed below:

  1. Requiring adjustments to the test that UCAT are unable to offer

Requests and appropriate evidence should be sent to Please include your full name, applicant ID (if already applied), and course you wish to be considered for. We strongly advise candidates to make their request as early as possible.

What if I decide to drop qualifications that I listed on my UCAS application after I have applied?

We are unable to consider any changes to qualifications listed on your application after the UCAS deadline (i.e. 15th October).  This is because we consider you based on the information you have provided on your UCAS application.

What should I do about work experience, and how do I go about it, especially during the restrictions of COVID-19?

We appreciate that work experience is difficult to arrange at the moment due to the current COVID-19 restrictions. We would, therefore, advise that you try to get some work experience later in the year ahead of the 15th October deadline if possible.

If you cannot organise anything in this time, please aim to complete your work experience prior to the interview season in January next year. Make a note of the work you have arranged or plan to do in your application and the interview panel may be able to ask you about your experiences. 

You may find the following resources helpful for obtaining work experience at this challenging time:

  • The Royal College of General Practitioners have also created Observe GP, a free online platform to provide insights into general practice. 
  • The Medical Schools Council has recently released this advice   
  • Brighton and Sussex Medical School have a free offering
  • The Dental Schools Council have released this statement on work experience

We do not specify type or amount of work experience, but we instead focus on what the student learns from the experience, focusing on the following: 

  • Motivation and realistic approach to medicine as a career 
  • Show initiative, resilience and maturity 
  • Work well as part of a team 
  • Be well organised and demonstrate problem solving abilities 
  • Likely contribution to university life 
  • Communicate effectively in a wide range of situations

Why must I get a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check?

We have a duty to our patients and other vulnerable people, and must ensure all students have an enhanced disclosure from the Disclosure & Barring Service. All offers of a place will be subject to this check which will be undertaken before students commence their course. If you wish to discuss this in confidence, please call the Admissions team on 020 7882 8478 or email:

Can I come and have a look around the campus at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry?

Yes, you are able to conduct a self-guided tour on Monday to Friday from 09:00-17:00. Please download and print the map and self-guided tour information below. Please note, due to COVID-19 our buildings are not currently available for public tours and visits until further notice. You can also watch our students give you a guided video tour of Whitechapel campus, if you can't visit in person.

When will I be invited to an interview?

All our interviews take place in January and February. We start inviting selected candidates to interview at the beginning of January through to February each year. GEP MBBS 4-year programme runs the assessment centre in January.

I have an interview. What should I expect?

All shortlisted candidates are asked to attend an interview.  For the 5 year MB BS and BDS programme, we always interview using a panel (which can contain tutors, senior professional service staff, doctors and dentists and current students) and are looking for the qualities that we consider would make you a good doctor or dentist. It would be useful to prepare yourself by browsing student forums where you can find details of other students' experiences of interview.

Why has my application been rejected before interview?

We can assure you that in order to be fair to our candidates; all applications follow the same selection process. We receive an extremely high standard of application; so many candidates will be rejected before the interview stage. There are some key reasons why your application may have been rejected at this stage:

  • Your academic performance or UKCAT score was not as strong as those applicants shortlisted for interview.
  • Your UKCAT score was below our cut-off point determined by the overall candidate’s total scores.
  • You did not meet the minimum age requirement.
  • You are in the first or second year of a 3-year degree programme.

Why has my application been rejected (after interview)?

Whilst we are aware that it is very disappointing for your application to be rejected at this stage, we would like to reassure you that this decision is undertaken according to a process designed to judge all candidates equally. Our interviewers are trained and are chosen for their experience in selecting candidates as well as representing many different areas of the University or NHS. Many candidates are of an excellent standard, so we do reject a large amount of suitably qualified candidates at interview – as a guide, we make about 600 offers and interview approximately 1,000 people for the A100 5 year MB BS programme and about 190 offers and interview approximately 300 people for the A200 5 year BDS programme, so a large number of students will be disappointed.

My application was unsuccessful and I would like feedback

If your application was rejected without interview, it is likely that this was due to one of the factors outlined in the ‘why have I been rejected' question.  We are unable to provide written feedback to applicants who are rejected prior to interview. We are able to provide brief feedback to applicants who were unsuccessful after the interview stage but this will not be personal feedback. Please be aware that we need this request in writing, and that due to the busy nature of the admissions office it can take up to 20 working days to respond.

How does the Waiting List after interview work?

Candidates who are just below our interview cut off score will be placed on our waiting list and will be notified by a separate email. The waiting list is still to be viewed as an official rejection by UCAS. There is no need to send us any further supporting documents and we contact you if we have places available. We cannot guarantee we will be able to offer you a place on the course so if you receive an offer from any other University you should accept it.

My offer letter says that I will be considered as a ‘home’ or 'overseas' student, what does this mean?

This refers to your fee status, as International and Home students pay different fees. Please see the tuition fee guidance for more information. 

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