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Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

What can I study?

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry offer undergraduate programmes in medicine, dentistry and global health, as well as a range of intercalated degrees.


Five-year MBBS programme (A100)

Designed to equip you with a fundamental knowledge and understanding of medicine and to develop the skills and attitudes you need in order to apply that knowledge in practice.

Find out more about our five-year MB BS medicine programme.

MB BS Medicine for graduate entrants (A101)

Our Graduate Entrant’s Programme (GEP) provides an opportunity for graduates in science and health-related studies to obtain an MB BS degree within four years.

Find out more about our MB BS GEP programme.

Five-year MBBS programme - Malta

Designed to provide you with the medical knowledge, clinical skills and professional attitudes that are required to become a competent Foundation Year (FY1) Doctor. Students will study in the Mediterranean islands of Malta.

Find out more about our MBBS Malta programme.


Five-year BDS dentistry programme (A200)

At Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, you will be taught in a school that has been judged one of the best in the country by external assessors.

Find out more about our BDS Dentistry programme.

BSc Oral Health (A910)

Global Health

Global Health BSc

This multidisciplinary degree offers a public health perspective on contemporary global challenges, and gives students the skills and confidence to make an effective contribution in health, public policy, consultancy, or business.

Find out more about our Global Health BSc programme.

BSc Pharmacology and Innovative Therapeutics

This course will enable students to study how drugs and medicines work at the cellular and sub-cellular level to produce their useful (and sometimes derogatory) effects in humans and how medicines are used to treat or prevent illness.

Find out more about our BSc Pharmacology and Innovative Therapeutics

BSc Neuroscience

This course will give students a comprehensive understanding of one of the fastest growing areas in biomedicine – neuroscience. Students will study the nervous system and, most notably, the brain.

Find out more about our BSc Neuroscience

Intercalated degrees

Courses leading to an intercalated degree offer students an excellent opportunity to think critically about, and to study more deeply, the scientific bases of the medical sciences. Experience has shown that those who have undertaken an intercalated degree gain a deeper knowledge of the underlying science as well as a greater understanding of their clinical studies.

Find out more about our intercalated degrees.

Admissions Policy

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