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Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Distance learning opportunities at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry offers a wide range of postgraduate distance learning programmes, some blended learning (a mix of campus-based study and distance learning) and others full distance learning. The distance learning portfolio is continually expanding and covers many popular medical areas such as Trauma, Cancer, Endocrinology, Mental Health, Aesthetic Medicine, Gastroenterology, Drug Development, Dentistry and various research based programmes.

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Award winning

The Falculty has built an excellent reputation for delivering high standard distance learning programmes all of which are delivered by specialists who are leaders in their respective fields. MSc Endocrinology and Diabetes won an award for ‘best UK online course’ at the National E-learning Awards 2014.

Home and international and students

The Faculty has over 250 international postgraduate students from over 30 different countries studying a distance learning programme. The programmes are ideal for international students as there is no need to travel to London, instead students are able to study online from the comfort of their own home, workplace or wherever convenient. The programmes are designed to be flexible enabling students to study around their part time or full time jobs and any other commitments they may have. 

The programmes are also very popular with UK students especially the London based students who enjoy all the benefits of the distance learning format, mainly being able to continue with their current career path whilst simultaneously studying for a challenging postgraduate degree.

Financial benefits

The School’s distance learning programmes are typically the same price as the campus-based programmes, however as accommodation and travel are not needed and students are able to remain in work, large cost savings and financial benefits are evident.

User-friendly online study platform

The School has many years of experience developing and delivering distance learning programmes from clinical programmes, to the non-clinical to research based programmes. The online platform is designed to be user-friendly, enjoyable to use, very accessible and includes all the familiar online functions and capabilities including tutorials and seminars, study forums, libraries, journals, course content, videos etc.

QMplus – The Medicine and Dentistry online study area

Sample the online facility here QMplus

Sample a distance learning MSc here   Endocrinology and Diabetes

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A typical distance learning course will include the following:
Lectures: lectures will be delivered by members of the faculty (on average lectures will last two hours). Power point presentations will be available to you. When needed, lectures will be followed by an online discussion group. To accommodate different time zones, lectures will also be recorded and uploaded into the system to be available as podcast.

Seminars: specific topics will be analysed in dedicated seminars. Seminars will be delivered in real time. Time will be set to accommodate students participating from different locations and time zones.

Clinical case discussion: held via email discussion group or video-conference sessions. Printable PDFs and videos.

Weekly reading list: you will be supplied with a selection of articles, journals and new relevant updates to the topic in an electronic format. Students will have access to other academic literature and journals in the same way as on-site students.

Online discussion groups: with a member of the faculty available to answer questions submitted via the virtual learning environment.

Examination and Assessment

This will vary depending on the programme, but in general modules will be assessed by written coursework that will be submitted online. The form of assessments will reflect the nature of material that is being studied, but will normally include: critique of research literature; practical assessments in the research methodologies; portfolio-based assessments; written evaluative assignments and examinations. Some programmes may require students to video their clinical work.

Technical requirements

Students will need a standard PC/MAC and access to broadband connection. Students may need to obtain a microphone and headphones to improve the quality of sound during their online live lectures. Some programmes are now available on mobile and tablet format.

Student support

IT support is available via the online IT help desk. Distance learning support FAQs can be viewed he

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For more information about the distance learning programmes please contact the course coordinators listed on the programme web pages or contact:

Chris Holloway

Distance Learning student comments

"Fantastic course which allows us to study at our own pace while continuing with our full-time work"

"It has been a fantastic, enriching experience so far...keep up the good work....makes me want to return to England !" 

"Excellent lectures and case based discussions."

"The content and the course has so far absolutely met my expectations – it is a lot of work, of high standard and you have to work hard just to keep up!"

"The course is highly interesting as well as demanding. The lectures have been extremely helpful in coordinating my studying, as well as clinical cases at the end of each week."

"High quality. Well organised."

"Well organised. Excellent teaching skills. Proactive approach /immediate response to feedbacks. Effective learning environment maintained by the staff." 

"The  course was well organised. Not only basic physiology but also common conditions and recent evidence based management recommendations give us proper guidance. The course content is well prepared. I am glad to be enrolled in this course. I believe it is the best course available. 'It says whats written on the tin'"

"Good course which will provide a good foundation for Endocrinology."

"Exciting, interesting course...would certainly assist anyone pursuing Endocrinology as a specialty...."

"Definitely recommended and indeed I have recommended already to some colleagues."

"Excellent opportunity to cover basic knowledge in a structured way delivered by specialists of high calibre".

"Very well organised , appropriate , efficient teaching and  learning experience" 

"These courses are highly recommended for people wishing to specialise in a particular field " 

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