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What is involved

What happens when you take part in PROTECTOR depends on which of the three options you choose.

Please select the options below to find out more details.

RRSO: A single operation to remove both fallopian tubes and ovaries
RRESDO: A two-step operation involving removal of the fallopian tubes first followed by the ovaries at a later time
Control: No surgery

For more details, please refer to our participant information sheet.

We understand that making a decision about surgery is a personal one and can be very difficult. You may be concerned about the implications of surgery on your quality of life, menopause symptoms, fertility, and reproductive options. You will be able to speak to a doctor about all of these issues. You may also wish to have more support during the decision-making process. Many hospitals have a dedicated team of specialists to support you and manage these aspects. If you feel you will benefit from extra support, please speak to your local team.

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