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Central Pathology Review

All tubal and ovarian pathology slides following review by the local pathology team, will also be reviewed by a central team of study pathologists. Central Pathology Review plays an important role in multicentre surgical trials as it ensures quality control of the pathology review process and the correct identification of atypical lesions.

The Central Pathology Review Committee members are:

Dr Naveena Singh (Barts Health NHS Trust)

Dr Asma Faruqi (Barts Health NHS Trust)

Dr Rupali Arora (University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)

Dr Raji Ganesan (Birmingham Women’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust)

Professor Glenn McCluggage (Belfast Health and Social Care Trust)

Dr Gareth Rowlands (Cardiff and Vale University Health Board)

Dr Gareth Bryson (NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde)

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