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Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Crisis Prevention, Management, and Recovery

Crisis Prevention, Management, and Recovery

The complex socio-economic instigators of violent crime, terrorism, and environmental disasters means that a cross-disciplinary approach in the prevention and management of these major events is essential.

The MDT in Crisis Prevention, Management, and Recovery builds on highly successful trauma and critical care clinical sciences and bring together social health and social sciences. Our research in this area core aspects of crisis such as knife violence reduction, injury prevention to public health, the effects of trauma on the body, the body’s response to injury and rehabilitation, the impact of life stress/genetic factors on mental illness and prevention of violence and radicalisation. 

Building on our track record and expertise in preventing and managing traumatic events, resilience and the contemporary experience gained during the COVID-19 pandemic, we aim to make this research theme have local impact and global reach.

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