Festival of Communities

Saturday 15 June Programme


Welcome to Tower Hamlets! Find out more about how the support and guidance we can offer for people who have newly arrived in the UK.

QMSU Sport Camp

Community Sport, Queen Mary Student Union

Get active with a range of sports for all! Have a kick about, shoot some hoops, and compete in some badminton against your friends and family!


Tower Hamlets Eczema Assessment

Blizard Institute 

About 20% of people have eczema in their lifetime. Come and learn more about the condition, how it is currently being treated, and the research we are doing into how it effects the Bangladeshi community in Tower Hamlets.

Bow Church Heritage Community Engagement

Come and find out more about the new Bow Church heritage project and sign up to volunteer with us

Bowel & Cancer Research

Learn more about the current research in bowel cancer with the Gut Feeling demo, and try to master Poo Racer

Bubble Club

Live at the Festival of Communities: catch some of the amazing learning disabled DJs from the local area! We’ll also have information on night-time social and entertainment opportunities for people with learning disabilities.

Get Hands on with Centre of the Cell

Centre of the Cell

Explore the human body with the Centre of the Cell team! Put your sense of smell to the test, find out why we look like our parents, and learn all about bones and teeth with our hands on activities.

LSI Image Awards Exhibition

Life Sciences Institute

Come and see a range of photographs from the Life Sciences Institute’s Image awards. See the spectacular shots captured by our staff and students around the themes of beauty in medicine, health and technology, and wellbeing.

The Puzzle Zone

School of Mathematical Sciences

Join Queen Mary Maths students to play games and puzzles with a mathematical twist. Try your hand at a Rubik’s Cube, create your own geometric pattern, and take on Professor Nim in our marble game...

First Love Foundation

Find out more about the work of the First Love Foundation and how we can offer food support and welfare benefit advice for those experiencing a crisis


Get creative and talk about self-compassion in our pop-up art workshops

Chemistry in Action

Chemistry, School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Try your hand at a range of exciting chemical experiments and discover the ‘how’s and ‘why’s behind the reactions. Watch the vinegar volcano erupt, create some alginate worms, uncover the criminal using chromatography, and make yourself a bath bomb to take home.

Green Doctor

Did someone call the Green Doctor? Find out about our free home visits where we’ll help you save money on your energy and water bills, and look at ways you can keep healthy in your home.

Economic Games and Experiments

School of Economics and Finance

Why do Swedes overpay their taxes? What is the easiest way to get rich in America? Why do tennis players grunt? Come to the Economics stand to get the answers to these any many other curious questions! You will learn about economics by playing games, participating to experiments and solving interesting riddles!

Healthwatch Tower Hamlets

At Healthwatch tower Hamlets, we work to improve health and social care for local people. So come along, join our activities, and give us your feedback so we can work to improve services for you.

The World of Dinosaurs, Bacteria and Viruses

Barts Cancer Institute, Computational Biology, Life Sciences Institute, School for Biological and Chemical Sciences

Learn all about the building blocks of life using everyone’s favourite building blocks: Lego! Assemble DNA sequences to see how they come together to create organisms from bacteria all the way up to the mighty Komodo dragon.

Robotic Wheelchair Demo

QMUL Cybathlon Team

Meet the students of the QMUL Cybathlon team and see the robotic wheelchair that we have designed for the 2020 competition in action.

Our Hamlets: Community Felt Mapping

School of Geography

Try your hand at some dry felting to create a community map of Tower Hamlets now, and the way you wish it could be in future. Tell us the places you like the most, and tell us what you think is missing from our local area.

Maths and Computer Science for Fun

CS4F, School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Come and construct your very own robot brain hat to wear for the day and learn more about how a robot’s brain is similar to ours! Play some of our other fun maths and computer science games and puzzles. There might be some magic too…

Beeonardo da Vinci

School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Come and watch real bumblebees painting bee-utiful bee art and learn about cutting-edge bee research and bee conservation. Beeonardo da Vinci aims to raise awareness for our bees and lets you get right up close to observe and learn more about these fascinating insects.

Pollution Solution

Centre of the Cell

Ever wanted to design and build an entire city? Now’s your chance! Construct all aspects of city life with our fun, hands-on activity. Explore how city design impacts air pollution and discover new research on air pollution led by the Children’s Health in London and Luton (CHILL) study team.

Leaders in Community

Find out more about the short courses and opportunities you can get involved with the LiC

London Citizens

Concerned about local air pollution? Come and find out what the local community can do about it and join the pollution monitoring movement.

Ocean Regeneration Trust

There’s loads of events and activities happening right here in Stepney Green—come visit us to find out all about them!

The Turtle Project

School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Swim with our star turtles Bolacha, Nusco, and Papaya, using our ATLANTIS VR system and see for yourself how turtles behave during their long-distance migration swims. Learn more about the migration of other marine species like whales and sharks, and discover how our research is protecting sea turtles around the world.

City Gateway

Find out more about City Gateway Women’s Programme and sign yourself up for some sessions

Community Pharmacies: Spot the Service

Blizard Institute

Do you know exactly which services your community pharmacy offers? Test yourself with our interactive services game! Find out more about pharmacy services from staff, and learn more about our current research on smoking cessation in this setting.

Compassionate London City Initiative

Join the local compassion revolution! Learn more about the global compassionate movement, and make some empathy cards to be shared with other compassionate communities around the world.

Queen Mary Formula Student

QMUL Formula Student Team

Check out the 2018 Queen Mary Formula Student racing car and talk to the team who put it together. Test your own building skills in our spaghetti and marshmallow engineering challenge!

Dinosaur Growth

Biology, School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Find out more about how dinosaurs grew and evolved over the time they wandered the earth. See their skulls, and handle their claws and teeth for yourself — it’ll be roarsome!

Chinese Culture Exploration

QMUL Confucius Institute 

Join the QMUL Confucius Institute to explore many different areas of Chinese culture. Try some crafts like calligraphy and paper cutting and painting. Get some new language skills with beginner Chinese language classes. Experience a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony, or get involved with a Chinese Dragon workshop.

Orchid Fighting Male Cancer

Learn more about Prostate Cancer with the Orchid: Fighting Male Cancer team

Positive East

Learn more about the work of Positive East: east London’s primary HIV charity and how they support those living with, and affected by, HIV in the region.

Community Building with the LAC

Legal Advice Centre, School of Law

Explore a variety of activities embodying the spirit of our ‘IAMU’ project—promoting equality and diversity. Play our parachute games, make bracelets together, and contribute to the community mural.

RESET Outreach

Find out more about the support and services offered by the RESET team in Tower Hamlets

Rethink Mental Health

What does mental health mean to you? Have a go at our word map and a whole range of other interactive mental health activities.

Bee-spoke Learning and Fun

School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Come along for an un-bee-lievable experience with our local bee keepers. Learn more about the Leaders in Community programme and how you can become a beekeeper. Find out the health benefits of honey, how we can look after our East-end bees, and try some bee-themed arts and crafts.


Women In Science and Engineering, QMUL

Meet some of the Women In Science and Engineering working at QMUL. Draw your favourite scientists and hear the stories of women who have helped shape the technology and science of today.

Spitalfields City Farm

Make your own pots and sow seeds to grow this summer and meet one of the furry friends from the farm!

Thai Boxing Fighters Academy

Come and have a go at some interactive pad work and training with our team


Find out more about the work of the Tower Hamlets Council for Voluntary Service as we roam the festival.

The Carers Centre Tower Hamlets

Find out more about the services of The Carers Centre within Tower Hamlets.

Tower Bridge

City of London

Discover Tower Bridge’s surprising role in the foundation of the Parachute Regiment and get hands on making your very own parachutes!

Tower Hamlets Homebirth Team

If you are thinking about homebirth, we’re here to help! Come and chat to us about your homebirth choice.

Tower Hamlets Inter Faith Forum

Come and learn more about the different faiths of the Tower Hamlets community and how they come together to make the borough a wonderful place to live

Tower Hamlets LGBT Forum

Learn more about the work of the Tower Hamlets LGBT Forum in the community.

Toynbee Hall

Our team of community researchers needs you: tell us about your thoughts and experiences of community safety and community cohesion.

Music at the Dentist

Mind in Society, Life Sciences Institute

A trip to the dentist can sometimes be a scary experience, so how can we make it better? We think music could hold the answer! Come and find out why, and help us figure out what the Festival of Communities favourite genre is.

HEC Global Learning Centre

Meet the children and teachers who have been working on our projects, exploring what it means to create a meaningful community.

England Netball

Thinking about playing some Netball? Try scoring some goals and then find out where you can get involved across the borough.


School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Explore the sense of embodiment with this interactive VR demonstration