Queen May Postgraduate Law Conference 2021

When: Thursday, July 22, 2021, 10:00 AM -
Where: Online,

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CCLS and Postgrad Legal Conference logosThe Centre for Commercial Law Studies constitutes a world-renowned centre that fosters the study and research of various legal areas that fall under the broad umbrella of commercial law. Inspired by CCLS’ diverse and intensive legal research work, a number of LLM Course Representatives came together and took the initiative to organize the 1st Queen Mary Postgraduate Law Conference.

The purpose of this student-led conference is to provide a platform for the law masters students to present a short research paper (15 minutes) before a panel of academics and professionals from the industry, and exchange views on contemporary legal challenges in a friendly environment. In this conference, the postgraduate students take the leading role and develop their critical and analytical thinking through their interaction with the panellists and other attendees.

What are the benefits for attending this conference?

  • Transferable skills: You will develop your presentation skills and practice how to convey sophisticated ideas succinctly and within a time limit (15-minute oral presentation). This is a sought-after skill because lawyers are often asked to be concise and use plain language when they give legal advice to ordinary people.
  • Research and Analytical Skills: You will engage in high-quality research work and will approach law critically and analytically. These are fundamental skills regardless of the career path you may choose to follow.
  • Publication of paper: After your presentation, you will be able to receive constructive feedback from the panel so as to help you develop your ideas further and subsequently, should you wish, submit your paper for publication. A great addition to your CV!
  • Networking: It is a great opportunity to network with other like-minded people and make new friends with common interests. You will exchange opinions and ideas on topics that transcends the limits of law and touch upon other aspects of contemporary life that you may find interesting.

When is this taking place?

Due to the difficulties posed by the pandemic, this year’s conference is taking place virtually (via Zoom) on the 22 July 2021 and the selected title is “The Covid-19 Aftermath”. The start time of the conference will be at 10:00 (GMT UTC+0). This is, of course, a provisional time which is subject to confirmation closer to the date.

Call for Papers

We extend the invitation to all the postgraduate students of UK universities to orally present a legal research paper inspired by this overarching theme. For more information about the theme and the application process, please refer to the Queen Mary Postgraduate Legal Conference Call for Papers [PDF 231KB].

If you wish to apply to present at the 2021 Queen Mary Postgraduate Law Conference, please complete this Biographical Details Form [DOC 38KB] and send it along with your abstract to by 27 June 2021.

For any further details or queries feel free to contact us at