Flossie 2012

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25 May 2012

Time: 9:00am
Venue: Maths Lecture Theatre, Maths Building, Mile End Campus

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Friday 25 May (9am - 5:30pm) and Saturday 26 May 2012 (10am - 4pm)

Flossie 2012 is a free, two-day event for women who work with or are otherwise interested in Free and Open Source Software (FLOSS), Open Data, Knowledge and Education. Flossie is an independent network of women practitioners that has its roots in social change movements as well
as arts, technology and academia. Whether you code, tinker or want to explore alternatives to ‘big-tech’ corporations, all women are welcome
to this conference. The first day will mix micro-talks with birds of a feather sessions about the work we do. On the second day there will be more structured workshops and discussions for both experienced practitioners and women new to FLOSS to make contact and skillshare.

Who is this event for?
• Women users and developers of FLOSS in digital arts, free culture, open data, open knowledge, social change movements and non-profits
• Researchers, students and writers
• Women entrepreneurs and social innovators using FLOSS

• Sharing our current experiences and achievements
• Building cross-disciplinary and cross-community networks
• Improving visibility of women in FLOSS as well as technology in general and reaching out to new women