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Further information

Briefing sessions 

Slides from the briefing sesisions we organised for staff and students can be downloaded below. 

A recording of the session can be accessed from QReview. 

Brexit briefing slides - 25 May 2017 [PDF 782KB]

Official documents

Online application forms
EEA (Qualified Person) application form and Guidance Notes
EEA (Permanent Resident) application form and Guidance Notes
EEA (Family Member) application form and Guidance Notes)
EEA Passport Return Service

Legal guidance

The leading immigration law blog www.freemovement.org.uk has published some useful “how to” guides for potential applicants which are freely available. Whilst we cannot warrant the accuracy of the advice, this is a website which is considered a reliable tool of reference by immigration practitioners. The guides can be accessed below.

Free Movement - ebook application guides

Other support

Lobbying groups the3million, One Day Without Us, New Europeans and Unite for Europe all have popular resources and social media channels in which information about applications is exchanged. Links to each are below:

One Day Without Us
New Europeans
Unite for Europe

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