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EEA Qualified Person applications

An EEA/Swiss national who is in the UK as a worker, or an otherwise self-sufficient person, student, or jobseeker.

Two passport-style photos, proof of identity (eg, passport or national identity card) and if employed, proof of employment. Evidence should cover at least three months prior to the application date.

No, but the benefit is that if you do not yet meet the requirements for a permanent residency application, this provides evidence of your residing in the UK before any changes are triggered.

It depends on what you intend to do in future. There’s no specific restriction on becoming a qualified person on the basis of part-time work, although there are requirements that the work is “genuine and effective” (see question 38 below). Whilst the rights of anyone with that status can’t be guaranteed on the UK’s exit from the EU, it may well be useful evidence of the right to work in the UK.

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