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Energy and Climate Change Law Institute

End of the Year Renewable Energy Law Lecture

An end of year guest lecture is held for the students studying the Renewable Energy Law module. In 2019 Dr Urban Rusnák, Secretary-General, Energy Charter Treaty Secretariat. In April 2020, during lockdown, Rt Hon Chris Huhne, former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, gave a talk on “Covid & Climate Change- Crisis and Consequences".

The final Renewable Energy Law class of the year was ideal to illustrate in vivid practice many of the matters, issues and concerns that have been the focus of our specialized energy and climate change courses. All the while, our educational experience has been further enriched by the much-appreciated opportunity to interact with such renowned experts on the subject as Mr. Chris Huhne. I believe events as this one truly makes a difference in favour of the outcome of an excellent academic program.
— Elena Vela (LLM Class 2019/20)
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