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The Doctoral College at Queen Mary awards the Queen Mary Diploma of Researcher development (Q-Dip) in recognition of the completion of 210 hours of researcher development activities over the course of a PGR degree.  The researcher development skills are mapped against the following four main domains:

  • A: Knowledge and Intellectual Abilities
  • B: Personal Effectiveness
  • C: Research Governance & Organisation
  • D: Engagement, Influence & Impact

The total of 210 points has to be spread across all four domains with a minimum number of points required in each domain:


Minimum number of points

Domain A (Knowledge and intellectual abilities)


Domain B (Personal effectiveness)


Domain C (Research governance and organisation


Domain D (Engagement, influence and impact)


Upon successful completion of a PGR degree, all Queen Mary students who log 210 hours, spread across all four domains, of researcher development activities on the Skills Point System will be awarded the Queen Mary Diploma of Researcher Development by the Doctoral College.
NB: Researcher development activity points must be logged on the Skills Points System at the point of viva to qualify.

Once the Doctoral College receives notification of PGR students passing their doctoral degree, students who have met the requirements of the Queen Mary Diploma of Researcher Development will automatically receive the Q-Dip along with their doctoral degree certificate.  This process will be administrated by the Doctoral College. 

To log researcher development points please go to: - your log details are the same as your usual Queen Mary log in details. 

Any training activities you undertake during your PGR studies can be recorded through the Skills Points System. Each activity is awarded a specific number of points. The activities and points are then mapped against the four domains of the Vitae Researcher Development Framework, in order to help you and your supervisor plan your own personal development. 

If you have any queries please contact

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