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Doctoral College


The Doctoral College run several events throughout the year that give you an introduction to the research community at Queen Mary as well as chance to develop new skills and meet and collaborate with other researchers. 

Queen Mary PhD Student Induction

Queen Mary's PhD Student Induction is open to all beginning PhD students. Induction runs three times a year, once at the beginning of each semester. It is a chance for the Doctoral College to welcome you formally. You will be able to meet the Deputy-Deans for research and find out more about the life of a PhD student at Queen Mary and the training and support you can expect to receive.

The 2020/21 Semester 1 induction took place as a series of online session between 28th September and 2nd October 2020 and presentations slides are available to download below:

Cohort Training Days

Cohort training days provide specific researcher development training tailored to a specific year of PhD research. Not only will these help you to make the most out of your time as PhD student but you will have the chance to meet, chat and work with fellow PhD students from different disciplines across Queen Mary

First Year Cohort Day: Maximising the Impact of Conferences and Networking

At this stage in the PhD some students have already attended conferences, and many will be thinking about it. Networking is very important at conferences, but many students are unsure how to go about it; recent surveys of PhD graduates have shown that networking skills are one of the main things they wish they had developed more effectively during their PhD.

2020/21 date – 09 June 2021  


Second Year Cohort Day: Understanding the impact of your research

This event gives PhD students the opportunity to find out about ‘impact’ and what it means to researchers, the college and the Research Councils, as well as to consider the impact or potential impact of their own research and how this can be communicated to others.

2020/21 date – 16 February 2021 

Third Year Cohort Day: Employability

The third Doctoral Cohort Day focuses on helping students make plans for life beyond the PhD, whether they decide to follow a career within or outside of academia. This took place online and was comprised of three sessions:

  • A bird’s eye view of the current labour market and how it relates to researchers
  • Understanding your transferable skills as a PhD and how to broaden your job search
  • Followed by a choice of 2 sessions:
    • 6 time-saving LinkedIn secrets for researchers
    • How to ace your online interview

A further session covered wellbeing during the final stages of the PhD. The session looked at the process of finishing the PhD whilst trying to maintain some work life balance. This session also looked at how to combat barriers to completion such as perfectionism and imposter complex.

2020/21 date – 22 September 2020 

Graduate Festival

GradFest is a series of training and development events organised by PhD students for PhD students. GradFest normally takes place in February.  The call for events happens in late October and allows PhD students to apply for funding to run events as part of the festival. 

The next Graduate Festival will take place in 2021. For more information please see the GradFest website