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FAQs for New PGR Students & Offer Holders

**Updated 28th September 2021 11:00**

These FAQs relate directly to New PGR offer holders. If you have any further questions that are not answered below please contact 

Please see below list of FAQs, which contains information for PGR Applicants and Offer Holders in the current Covid-19 situation.

Further information can be found in the Queen Mary FAQs: 

We have FAQs available for current students under: FAQs for Current PGR Students.

The latest date to start enrolment is 8th October 2021.

Students should have temporary of full enrolment by close of 8th october 2021 unless you wish to defer to a later entry point. Even if you are beginning your programme online, if your programme requires ATAS clearance, you must receive this before you can enrol.

Please see the information here about temporary enrolment

If you are unable to travel to London at this time then it may be possible to either start your programme online, or to defer your enrolment to a later date. Please note, it will not always be possible to do this and your project type or funding terms and conditions may prevent this from happening.

Please talk with your supervisor if you wish to defer your enrolment. Once agreed with your supervisor this will need approval from the Director of Graduate Studies in your department and the Admissions Office. You can formally request deferral using the “Deferral” tile in your Applicant Portal.

If you are unable to travel to London to begin your programme due to Covid-19 health and travel guidance please contact your supervisor to discuss whether you may start your studies remotely. This will need to be agreed with the Director of Graduate Studies.

If your programme requires ATAS clearance, you will need to secure this before you can be enrolled.

Whether you are able to travel to London to begin your programme or you start your studies remotely, the enrolment process itself will take place online  and full details will be communicated to you at a later date. If you require a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK you should seek immigration advice on when to apply for your visa.

More information on welfare and immigration can be found here:


Our housing contracts start in September as standard. If you require accommodation for a later date you should apply for September and then request deferral to a later date once you have received the housing offer. Due to the limited number of rooms, we cannot guarantee all students accommodation at the alternative start dates. You can contact the Residences team to discuss this here: 

Unfortunately, we have been forced to cancel the airport collection this year. We recommend you book a private taxi or plan your journey via the London Underground in advance of travelling the UK.

Please see International Students website for more information.

Arrivals from Red List countries

The UK Government is operating a traffic light system for arrivals into the UK, with different conditions applied to passengers arriving from Green, Amber and Red listed countries. Passengers arriving from Red list countries are required to quarantine in a hotel for 10 days. This period of quarantine has a fixed cost of £1,750 for individuals who arrive before the 12 August. Arrivals from 12 August will be charged a higher fee of £2,285. Should two travellers from red list countries wish to share a hotel room the second adult will be charged £1,430 from 12 August. The fee includes 10 full days of quarantine, meals and two PCR tests that individuals self-administer on days 2 and 8 of their quarantine.

To help our students joining us from Red list countries, Queen Mary will share the cost of quarantine. For most students we will do this by deducting 50% of the cost of the quarantine from these students’ tuition fees upon their enrolment. Students who have already completed their full tuition fee payment to Queen Mary will be issued with a refund covering the 50% of the fee they were charged for their quarantine period.

  • Queen Mary will cover 50% of the fee for the ten day quarantine.
    • Where students are sharing a quarantine hotel room and their individual fee is reduced, Queen Mary will cover 50% of the students shared contribution towards that cost. For example, from 12 August two Queen Mary students sharing a room in a Managed Quarantine Hotel will be charged £3,714. Queen Mary will refund each student 50% of their contribution which will be £928.
  • For new students in 2021 and those who are returning to Queen Mary to continue their studies the 50% will be credited against any outstanding tuition fee balance you have left to pay. Therefore if you have paid 50% of your fee in September, your remaining balance will be 50% minus the credited amount from your Red List Refund.
  • For 2021/22 entrants/returning students who pay their tuition fees in full, the university will issue a refund covering the 50% during the autumn semester.
    • Please note refunds may take longer to process in peak periods of September and October.
  • Where a student is in their final year of study with Queen Mary, i.e. a 2020/21 Masters student, and has entered the UK since 21 June 2021, a refund covering the 50% will be issued by the Fees Office.
  • Where students are sponsored to study at Queen Mary, the expectation is that the sponsor will cover the cost of quarantine for their students.  However, where this is not the case, Queen Mary may cover these costs on a case by case basis.
  • The Global Engagement Office (GEO) will process the claims and be the primary point of contact via


  • Students who are required to quarantine on arrival in the UK need to submit a ‘Red List refund’ claim through the Global Engagement Office via
  • Students will need to download the Red List refund claim form [DOC 19KB], complete it on a computer and send it to
  • Students will be asked to provide evidence of their hotel booking and arrival in the UK (stamped passport).
  • Students will be notified via their MySIS portal when their account has been credited, or their refund has been processed by the Fees Office.

All research students (PhD, MD(Res), EngD or MPhil) are encouraged to be on campus at the beginning of Semester 1.  Students are encouraged to travel to the UK as soon as they can do so.   

If an international research student is not able to travel to the UK due to Covid-19 related travel restrictions and visa and/or ATAS application delays they may request to defer their programme start date or to start studies online.  

International students should discuss with their supervisor and school/institute DGS whether they can commence studies online (considering funding terms and conditions, access required to research resources and training requirements) and agree a study plan. Students should aim to arrive in the UK as soon as is feasible.   

The latest date of arrival in the UK is 07 February 2022 for new and continuing international research students unless programme requirements necessitate an earlier arrival on campus. This is not a blanket approval to arrive in February 2022; it is the latest date of arrival on campus for students affected by exceptional circumstances. PGR programmes cannot be studied remotely for their entirety. New and continuing students should be making plans to travel to the UK to study.  

Online enrolment September 2021

Enrolment on your research studies programme will be completed online through the Queen Mary student portal MySIS. Once your offer of study conditions have been cleared you will be sent an email inviting you to complete enrolment online. Staff will then review your enrolment information and update your enrolment status to fully enrolled when all the data checks are complete.  If there are any outstanding checks you will be assigned temporary enrolment.

The Research Degrees Office will complete the enrolment process remotely. RDO will start to complete new student enrolment with effect from Monday 20 September.  

New students must complete their part of online enrolment on their programme by Friday 8 October 2021.   

The deadline for students with temporary enrolment status to become fully enrolled is Friday 15 October 2021.  



ID card collection 

For information about collecting your ID card please see

More information

There is lots of information for new students here

For more information about enrolment please see

 If you have any questions please contact the school/institute that you will be working in or  

The next induction (2021/22 Semester 1) will take place during the week of the 27th September 2021.  

The PhD Induction is open to register on with course code DC104.

To access the course booking system students need their Queen Mary IT log in first. Then they will need to register a user account on the course booking system itself. To do so, please go to ‘Register’ (third tab at the top of the page) and complete the requested information to create a login. Following this, students can use the ‘Login’ tab (second tab at the top of the page) to log on to the system and book (of if required, cancel) courses.)

Any students who do not have a Queen Mary IT log in yet please email to register. 

Session recordings and copies of presentation slides from the previous induction are available on the QMPlus page for Queen Mary PhD students: 

For those planning to arrive on campus in September, we have started to issue CAS numbers. Once you have firmly accepted your offer, you can apply for your CAS via the tile in your applicant portal, provided you have met other eligibility requirements (e.g. ATAS clearance). Further information about the CAS process can be found on webpages.

Our Welfare Advisers in Advice and Counselling have produced detailed guidance which should be used to help you make a successful application for Tier 4 (General) Student Immigration Permission. It includes guidance about the application process and fees, supporting documents required and arrival in the UK. This can be accessed here 

Apply for a Tier 4 visa once you know the date you expect to be entering the UK.

Some programmes of study at postgraduate level require an ATAS certificate. If applicable, this would have been stated in your offer letter conditions. The UK Government resumed processing these from 1st June 2020. Further information can be found on the ATAS website.

Even if you are planning to enrol remotely, and then travel to the UK at a later date, you must receive ATAS clearance before you can enrol for your programme.

At the time of writing (June 2020) we are planning to welcome all postgraduate research students onto campus in September. If your personal circumstances or local travel restrictions mean this is not possible then you will need to use your judgement to decide when your will be able to start your programme (and therefore resign from your current position). Please note, online enrolment for some programmes is a possibility.

The MRes programmes will all start at the end of September, as normal. If necessary, the first weeks or months can be carried out remotely. If you have concerns about this, you should discuss this with your School/ Institute.

We routinely accept a range of English Language Tests such as TOEFL, PTE, Trinity ISE and CPE. Due to the closure of test centres, we now also accept TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition which can be taken online.  We also accept IELTS Indicator tests taken after 1st July 2020 due to the Covid-19 situation.    

Please note: we do not accept DuoLingo as proof of English language.

We also accept alternative English qualifications and you may be exempt if you have previously studied for a degree wholly taught and examined in English (at least two years long and completed within the last five years).

Full details of our English language policy can be found on this website: