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Doctoral College

Key faculty contacts

Please see below for a list of key contacts within QMUL schools and institutes:

School Dirctor of Graduate Studies Postgraduate Administrator / Manager
Barts Cancer Institute  Dr Sarah-Ann Martin 

Mariann Jakab

Biological and Behavioural Sciences 

Dr Janelle Jones 

Dr Vidya Darbari

Vicky Man 
Blizard Institute Science  Dr Kenneth Linton 

Susanne Bell

Business and Management  Dr Petro Panzarasa Isabella DAdamo
Centre for Commercial Law Studies / School of Law 

Dr Daniel Behn
(currently on sick leave)

Acting DGS for CCLS:
Dr Antigoni     Lykotrafiti

Professor Maks Delmar

Hayley O'Hagan
Economics and Finance 

Dr Alessandra Bonfiglioli

Dr Sarolta Laczo

Professor Emmanuel Guerre

Oliver Grabowski
English and Drama 

Dr Katie Fleming

Professor Nicholas Ridout

Kathryn Henley
Electronic Engineering and Computer Science 

Professor Ioannis Patras

Dr Gianni Antichi

Melissa Yeo 
Engineering and Materials Science  Dr Himadri Gupta  Colin Rainey

Dr Kathryn Yusoff

Dr Stuart Grieve

Shazia Sadiq 
History Dr Rhodri Hayward

History PGR Support

Institute of Dentistry Dr Eleni Hagi-Pavli Dentistry PGR Support
Institute of Health Sciences Education Rachel Ashworth  Shahrar Ali
Languages, Linguistics and Film  Dr Rüdiger Görner SLLF PGR support 
Mathematical Science 

Dr Alex Fink

Katie Hale 
Physical and Chemical Sciences

Professor Kostya Trachenko 

Dr Greg Chass

Rob Miles  
Politics and International Relations  Professor Jean-Francois Drolet Lisa Pilgram
William Harvey Research Institute  Dr James Whiteford Bijal Tailor 
Wolfson Institute of Population Health Dr Ruth Taylor  Patrick Mullan 
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