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Training Event for PhD Students: Using Investigative Methods to Account for Climate Change

On 31st October 2022 the School of Law’s Centre for Climate Crime and Climate Justice will be co-hosting a training event for researchers at Queen Mary on Using Investigative Methods to Account for Climate Change. 


Participants on this one-day training course will learn how to conduct research aimed at improving accountability for climate change.  The course will show participants how to generate data that is focussed on key actors in a particular geographic/industrial/economic context, and build a case study that they can use in their research project, or in a stand-alone project.
The course will teach participants to navigate specialist secondary sources and apply investigative methods to produce unique analysis of responsible actors, the role they play in climate change and the benefits they gain from environmentally harmful practices.
By the end of the course participants will:

  • Be able to identify the range of actors with primary responsibility for climate change in a given geographic/industrial/economic context.
  • Gain knowledge of the key data sources on mechanisms of accountability for climate change and key data sources on the beneficiaries of climate change.
  • Analyse complex data in way that provide new insights into responsibility for climate change.

Learn how to effectively disseminate research findings on climate accountability.
For more information on the training course, and how to register for the event, please visit: 



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